Unfashionable Fears

October 5th, 2007

AlbertSoup du Jour:

Today we look at a “clump” of three books that shed soft light on social fears.

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Second Helpings (transcript of podcast):

EmilyTemperatures are dropping, leaves are turning red and, where I live, front porches are filling up with skeletons, ghosts and spiderwebs. I love Hallowe’en.

No wait — I love the Hallowe’en season.

I love the books. I love the preparations. I love the way the anticipation pulls the community together. What I don’t love – what is absolute agony for me — is the main event. Trick-or-treating scares me stiff.

And it’s not the blood and gore, the safety issues or the dental bills – it’s the free-for-all of friendly interaction that scares me. I suffer from social anxiety so, (more…)

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